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Lamborghini vs Ferrari

If you follow my work then you know the Lamborghini Miura is hands down one of my favorite cars to exist so when the opportunity came up to photograph the barn find Miura alongside Ferrari’s answer to the Miura, the 365BB GT4, I jumped at it.

The similarities between these two are pretty incredible, it was great to have them side by side for a few hours while capturing these images.

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AMG Halloween

A few Mercedes Benz AMG cars creeping around haunted Savannah, GA.  I photographed this series for MBUSA’s Halloween social media campaign.  You can find these and a few more on the Mercedes Benz Instagram page.

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Big Wing Hemi Cars

A few years back I was able to get the two Big Wing Hemi cars in front of my lens during a gorgeous Las Vegas sunset.  Such wild looking machines for their day.

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Audi Sport: Angeles Crest

A few months back I spent some time with Audi and their Audi Sport lineup on the Angeles Crest Highway outside of LA.  Enjoy!

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Audi S5 Sportback

A series of photos I did for Audi USA of the brand new Audi S5 Sportback around Las Vegas.  Some of the photos have rolled out across social media as ads for the Audi USA website and a few are used on  More photos will be added as they released, very happy with this series of images!

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Quattro Legende 2017

While traveling around Europe for the summer I stumbled upon an amazing Audi event in Austria by the name of Quattro Legende.  The weather was less than ideal but the cars were in full force anyway.  Check the full gallery below to see some beautiful machines.

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