GIG Prius

Back in February I had the opportunity to work on the ad campaign for the new AAA backed GIG Car Share program in San Francisco.  We spent the better part of a full day inside a gorgeous studio downtown SF photographing the Prius with different variations of bike, no bike, 2 bikes, etc.  The campaign just launched last month with content pieces featuring my images all over San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

The project called for all the final images to delivered on a solid black background as they would basically be cutouts for different websites, flyers, billboards, stickers, and more.  Below I’ve included a few of the solid black images as well as a few normal studio images before I cut them out.  Check out the GIG website (tagged above) to see more images from the series!

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Audi R8

Most Audi R8 owners don’t want their car anywhere near dirt, not this one though!  Check below for a quick little shoot we had of him having some fun in his local gravel pit.

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Inferno Camaro

The Inferno Camaro, like all other Roadster Shop builds, is an absolute work of art.   This 69′ Camaro is powered by an LT1 motor pushing out almost 700hp and sounds like a demon.  The car as a whole is incredible looking, but it’s all the little attention to detail that really sets it apart.  The interior is one of my favorite parts of this car and definitely one of my favorite that I’ve ever photographed.  I did my best to capture those subtle but important pieces in this series, I hope you guys enjoy them.

Inferno Camaro by Roadster Shop

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McLaren F1 #001

The McLaren F1 needs no introduction.  Not too long ago I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with this gorgeous F1 , which happens to be Chassis #001.

Click below to see more images from the set as well as a few print hung up.  Thanks to Hilmy Productions for the incredible artwork!

McLaren F1 001

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Audi S3 Downtown LA

I teamed up with Audi recently to do a dark and gritty, natural light, late night photoshoot of the new Audi S3 downtown LA.  The idea behind this shoot was to show some busy areas of the city late night when they’re empty, which also happens to be the best time to drive a car like the Audi S3.


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ROUSH Performance Time Lapse

Back in July of 2016 I landed the cover image of the DuPont Registry magazine with an image I shot for ROUSH Performance.  Along with the front cover I also had images on the inside cover as well as a couple page feature towards the center of the magazine.

I put together this time lapse of my editing process for the cover image to give people a BTS look at it.  Hope you enjoy!  Click below to see more from this set.

ROUSH Performance DuPont Registry Cover

Check out the video below to see a sped up version of my editing process for this cover image

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Ferrari 330 GTS

Late last year I was able to spend some time photographing this incredible Ferrari 330 GTS downtown Chicago.  I’m not much of a convertible guy, but something about this light metallic blue with red interior combo really makes me fall in love with it.  The lines on this car are incredible.

Shoot me an email to if you would like to get a print of this car.

Ferrari 330 GTS


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BMW M2 & M4

Around the middle of last year I was able to do some work with KW Suspension involving two beautiful BMW’s put together by iND Distribution.  We spent some time doing some strobbed images inside their facility as well as around town for a little while.  The Ultraviolet color off the 991 GT3 RS looks absolutely incredible on the M4.


Ultraviolet BMW M4

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