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Chevy Studio SEMA 2016

I had the honor to work with an group of awesome photographers and the Chevrolet Performance guys again this year on the ChevySTUDIO SEMA 2016 project, what a blast it was.  For my part of the project, I was invited out to the COPO build facility to photograph the new 2017 COPO Camaro.

Enjoy the images!

COPO Camaro

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Chevrolet New Roads Magazine

Back in May I had the pleasure to work with Chevrolet on a project for their magazine, New Roads. The brief called for their all new “smart” car, the Cruze hatchback, to be photographed in a “smart” city. Chevrolet chose Chicago for a number of reasons, one of them being the gorgeous scenery the city has to offer. We were able to secure a permit to shoot next to the Lake with a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline.

My images landed on both the front and back covers as well as quite a few pages on the inside, including a story about smart cities and smart cars and how they are moving forward hand in hand. The magazine just went live last week and with a print circulation of over 5,000,000 copies I imagine it will be in dealers and mailboxes in the next few days as well. You can check out a PDF copy of the magazine HERE or sign up to receive a copy HERE.

Below are some of my favorite images from the series.  You’ll notice there are many vertical images and wide shots, we did this in hopes of landing a cover with one of the angles, which we did!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback

Click below to check out the rest of the images.

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Rampage Camaro

When Roadster Shop debuted their wild 2nd gen Camaro project “Rampage” at SEMA a couple years ago I fell in love immediately.  The car features a body almost entirely made from carbon fiber; fenders, bumpers, rockers, diffusers, ect are all made up out of carbon fiber and it’s all mated to a monster LS7 pushing out 750hp.

I finally had a chance to snap some photos of this beauty right before SEMA 2015, hope you guys enjoy!

If anyone’s interested in a print please send me an email

Rampage Camaro

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Camaro Six

Back in May Chevrolet Performance invited myself and 2 other photographers (Andrew Link and Richard Thompson) to the unveiling of the new “Camaro Six”.  We would spend about 8-12 hours (split up into different sessions) on the Detroit Bel Isle racetrack photographing the 3 newly unveiled cars for an upcoming social media campaign they had planned.  The entire trip and experience were amazing and I’m extremely happy with the images I was able to come away with.

Check them out below and be sure to watch for them on the Chevrolet Performance social media pages!

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“The Truth”

Roadster Shop is known for building some amazing vehicles and this 2000hp monster named “The Truth” owned by eGarage is no exception.  This 69 Camaro features a fully custom built chassis by Roadster Shop and a twin turbo 572 big block Chevy engine that produces over 2,000 HP.  The engine features a NRE billet “Alien” intake and twin NRE mirror image 88mm turbos.  A set of 19” and 20” HRE Wheels wrapped in Michelin Super Sport rubber handle the task of getting that power to the ground and Brembo GT brakes are there to slow this beast down.  The car is a true work of art.  Mixing the classic muscle car style with a hint of modern flair, it’s a head turner in every way!

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