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Big Wing Hemi Cars

A few years back I was able to get the two Big Wing Hemi cars in front of my lens during a gorgeous Las Vegas sunset.  Such wild looking machines for their day.

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B-Forged – DreamWerke Libertywalk Hellcat

With the recent popularity of the Libertywalk widebody kits, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I had one in front of my camera.  The guys at DreamWerke knocked it out of the park with this matte-black Hellcat with full bolt-ons.  The team over at B-Forged Wheels built up a set of their new B-Forged 393SL wheels and finished them in a perfect gloss-red to really make the car pop.

Enjoy the quick video below, another one will be posted soon!



Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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Dodge Charger Downtown Chicago – 2014

With my new website finally done, I’ll be posting up old shoots that I’ve never posted anywhere.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Here’s another set from the archives that never really saw the light of day.  I’ve used this location before, but I think this set is my favorite from here.  The rain, late evening light, color of the car, ect all made this shoot work out really well.

Dodge Charger Downtown Chicago


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